5 Element Stupa

5 Element Stupa
5. gem-shaped ring of space (Japanese = Kuurin 空輪).
4. reclining half-moon shape (Japanese = Fuurin 風輪), representing wind
3. triangular ring of fire (Japanese = Karin 火輪).
2. spherical water ring (Japanese = Suirin 水輪),
1. square earth ring (Japanese = Chirin 地輪). Cited from Website: Zodiac Lore
North Earth Amogasiddhi
West Zenith (Centre) East
Water Ether Wind
Amitabha Vairocana Akshobhya
South Fire Ratnasambhava
Kuurin, Fuurin, Karin, Surin, Chirin Centre,
East, South, West, North Ether