dharaNidhara Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary m. earth-bearer N. of Vishnu or Krishna cf. {pRthu-dharaNi-dh-}) a mountain MBh. (cf. {-NI-dh-}). 2 dharaNIdhara mfn. bearing or sustaining the earth m. N. of Vishnu or Krishna of Siva of Sesha of the mythic. elephants fabled to support the earth a mountain a tortoise a king N. of a man of the family of Maunin and son of Mahesvara of the father of Sasi-dhara of the father of Vasudeva and grandfather of the author Hari-natha of the father of Daya-samkara of a Sch. on Mn. of a poet and other authors (also with {pantha}) of a Bodhi-sattva (also read {-NIM-dh-})

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