1000 Heads

1000 Heads

The supreme being having 1000 heads, 1000 eyes and 1000 feet pervades the Earh on all sides and transgresses the Universe [ RgV. 10.90.1].
Cited from Website Brahmanic Science.

Some of them are many headed, like Muchalinda or the Naga Kanya. Sesha, the king of the nagas, has 1000 heads and dresses in purple. We also find this 1000 headed naga in Buddhism under the name Ananta where his coils encircle the the basis of the world axis....The Great Naga, Ananta [ the \'endless\'], also called Sesha. Ananta has 1000 hooded heads which form a canopy for Vishnu.. Ananta represents the cosmic ocean.
Cited from Website:The Divine Serpent


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