Perun Names

Perun: the fire, mountains, the oak, iris, eagle, firmament St Elijah the Thunderer Perun. One of the principal deities in eastern and northern Slavic mythology. In pre-Christian Kyivan Rus’ this was the chief god—the god of thunder, lightning, and rain, the ruler of the heavens, and, later, the god of war. In 980 a wooden statue of Perun with a silver head and golden moustache stood on Perun Hill in Kyiv. http://www.encyclopediaofukraine.com/display.asp?AddButton=pagesSVSvaroh.htm replaced by Saint Elijah In the ancient Russian mythology Dazhdbog appears as a son of the Almighty Perun and a mermaid named Ros. Perun is a son of Svarog (Vedic Isvara) who is a top God in Russian pagan beliefs, a kind of an analogue of Cronos of the Greeks, although he did not actually create the World, he only created the living Universe but... this is the different story of cosmological beliefs of Russians. Perun symbolizes a victory (not the war as he is not Mars, and ancient Russians did not have this kind of god) over enemies, lightnings and things of that sort (looks like Zeus of Greeks but not exactly as he shares some other functions). Basically, Perun is a male God, God of warriers, those who protect the Land. His day is July, 20th http://www.ibiblio.org/sergei/Dazhdbog.html ...................... Once Perun went by a bank of the Dnepr river and, on the other side, he saw several girls dancing and singing. He felt in love with one of them, Ros, and tried to get to that other bank but Dnepr did not allow him to swim across. Then Perun took his golden arrow and made a shot towards the bank where Ros was standing. The arrow flew as lightning and struck into a big stone that started to shine when the arrow hit it. A fire image of a man appeared on that stone, and Perun screamed to Ros: "Call out for Svarog, and He will help you". Ros called out for Svarog, he came and helped her out to create a man from the stone. That man was Dazhdbog. He happened to be really mighty (anyway, he was a son of Perun) but he never saw his father. When he grew up he studied books, ancient wisdom, and an art of a battle. The glory about him was spreading over the Land. At that time his father Perun was walking over that all the sky and lands recognized who was going............ http://www.ibiblio.org/sergei/Dazhdbog.html His images were accompanied by eight eternal flames, bonfires or at least torches, as the case may be. Note a considerable number of parallels with the Norse Thor. In Christian times he became conflated with St.Ilya (Elias). http://web.raex.com/~obsidian/SlavPan.html#Vainamoinen

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