Uttara-Kuru Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary uttarakuru m. n. one of the nine divisions of the world (the country of the northern Kurus , situated in the north of India , and described as the country of eternal beatitude). To the North lies Uindias/Findias, or Uttara Kuru in Sanskrit, meaning Northern Kuru (race), corresponding to the Greek Arcadia. The Tibetans call it Daminyan or Graminyan (Sagrami-snyan) which also means of the Northern Race. It is of square shape and green colour. Its inhabitants have corresponding faces, square like those of horses. In this land, is a lake adorned with male and female cattle, (grazing on its shores), or trees, (round about it), will be seen. Trees supply all their sustenance and wants. Although duration of life, and merits are there, the Kuru, on dying, haunt the tree-spirits. This is the largest of the continents, being 10,000 miles in diameter (Tibetan Book of the Dead) [13]. Cited from Website: Indo European bases
According to some Uttara Kuru = Kyrgistan
                                                        = Siberia  

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