9 Varshas

Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary under Varsa: a division of the earth as separated off by certain mountain ranges (9 such divisions are enumerated , viz. Kuru, Hiranmaya.Ramyaka. Ilavrita. Hari. Ketu-mala . Bhadrasiva Kimnara, Bharata Uttara Kuru Hiranmaya Ramyaka --------------------------Nila Range------------------- Centre: Mount Meru Central Division Havrita Mount Meru is in the centre. South of Mount Meru are three mountain ranges; and north of it are three mountain ranges; dividing it into seven strips. These strips are the Varshas, or subdivisions, of Jambu dwipa. The centre strip is divided further into three parts, a western, central and eastern division; making in all nine Varshas. Meru is in the centre of this central division of the central strip. This central Varsha is called Havrita. It is divided from Harivarsha, to the south, by the Nishada range; and from Ramyaka to the north by the Nila range. To the west of Havrita lies the Varsha of Ketumala; while to the east lies Bhadrasva. Harivarsha is, we have seen, the Varsha directly to the south of Havrita. South of it lies Kimpurusha, separated from Harivarsha by the Hemaketu range. South of Kimpurusha and separated from it by the Himadri or Himalaya range, lies Bharata Varsha. These three, Harivarsha, Kimpurusha, and Bharatavarsha, are all to the south of the three central Varshas. To the north of the three central Varshas lie three other Varshas; Ramyaka, Hiranmaya, and Uttara Kuru. Ramyaka is, as we have seen separated from the zone containing the three central Varshas by the Nila range. North of Ramyaka, and separated from it by the Shveta range, lies Hiranmaya; while north of this Varsha, and separated from it by the Shringin range, lies Uttara Kuru. Cited from Website: The Seven Dwipas

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