Ketu-Mala Ketumala to the west of Meru, through which river Chakshu (Oxus) flows, corresponds to western Turkestan. It is believed to cover ‘practically the whole of the ancient Bactria which included the whole of the present Afghan Turkistan (north of Hindukush), the lower Harirud valley, the basin of Murkhab Kashka system (all south of the old bed of Amu Darya) and the basins of the Surkhan, Kafirnigan, Vakhsh and Yaksu rivers…’ http://www.asthabharati.org/Dia_Jan.04/central%20asia%20kumar.htm Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary ketumAla m. N. of a son of Agnidhra VP. of a boar R. v , 9 , 66 BhP. m. pl.N. of a people Hariv. 8227 and 8654 {as} , {am}) m. n. one of the nine great divisions of the known world (the western portion or Varsha of Jambu-dvipa , called after Ketu-mala) Suryas. VP. BhP. {A}) f. N. of a Tirtha MBh. iii , 8368 ff.

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