2 Goddesses

A first divsion of the Goddess iis into a Wild (jealous, bellicose and sometimes Bellatrix) and a Tame version; one Matriarchal, the other accepting Patriarchal; one connected with the Mountain, another with the Sea. The Tame version incorporates the values of lady of the house, of the library, reflecting peace, love and wisdom -- qualities which subsequently become individual personifcations. Tame is much more than docile. It entails self-control and self mastery such that the woman as mother, or matron and nanny can provide an example to the new generation. Wild Tame Matriarchal (Accepts) Patriarchal Goddess of the Mountain Goddess of the Sea Lady of the House Lady of the Library War, Battle Peace, Love,Wisdom India Kali, Parvati Lakshmi, Sarasvati Greece Pallas Athena, Hera Aphrodite, Athena Juno Minerva This notion of 2 goddesses also applies to the celestial realms where the God of the Sun typically marries a woman (first half of the year), who is then replaced by a substitute (reflection, shadow, cloud). In a next phase these two goddesses are seen as three (Triple Goddess) and accordingly the Sun goes on to have 3 Wives.

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