Vindya Range

Vindya Range vindhya m. (of doubtful derivation) N. of a low range of hills connecting the Northern extremities of the Western and Eastern Ghauts , and separating Hindustan proper from the Dekhan (the Vindhya range is reckoned among the seven principal ranges of Bharata-varsha [see {kulagiri} , p. 294 , col. 3] , and according to Manu ii , 21 , forms the Southern limit of Madhya-desa or the middle region ; according to a legend related in MBh. iii , 8782 &c. , the personified Vindhya , jealous of Himalaya , demanded that the sun should revolve round him in the same way as about Meru , which the sun declining to do , the Vindhya then began to elevate himself that he might bar the progress of both sun and moon ; the gods alarmed , asked the aid of the saint Agastya , who approached the Vindhya and requested that by bending down he would afford him an easy passage to the South country , begging at the same time that he would retain a low position till his return ; this he promised to do , but Agastya never returned , and the Vindhya range consequently never attained the elevation of the Himalaya) Mn. MBh. &c. N. of a prince HParis3. a hunter L. ; ({A}) f

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