gAndharva mf({gAndharvI-})n. belonging or relating to the Gandharvas (especially {vivAha} , or {vidhi} , the form of marriage called after the Gandharvas which requires only mutual agreement AsvGr. i , 6 , 5 Mn. Yajn5. MBh. i , &c. [353,3] ; cf.%{gandharva-vivAha}) RV. x , 80 , 6 S3Br. xiv &c. relating to the Gandharvas as heavenly choristers (cf. {-kalA} , {-veda} , &c.) MBh. Hariv. &c. m. (= {gandh-} g. {prajJAdi} Ganar. 175) a singer N. of a musical note of one of the 9 divisions of Bharata-varsha VP. ii , 3 , 7 ; n. the art of the Gandharvas , song , music , concert MBh. Hariv. &c. ; N. of a Tantra ; (%{I}) f. speech (according to the legend that the gods gave speech to the Gandharvas and received from them the Soma in return AitBr. i , 27 &c.) Naigh. i , 11 N. of Durga Hariv. 10243 (v.l. {gandharvA}) N. of an Apsaras VP.

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