zAka 1 m. (fr. {zak}) power , might , help , aid RV. ; ({zAka}) m. helpful , a helper , friend ib. 320 zAka 2 n. (or m. g. {ardharcAdi} ; of doubtful derivation , and scarcely to be connected with 1. {zAka}) a potherb , vegetable , greens GrSrS. Mn. MBh. &c. any vegetable food Gaut. m. the Teak tree , Tectona Grandis GrSrS. MBh. &c. Acacia Sirissa N. of a Dvipa (the sixth of the seven Dvipas , called after the Teak tree growing there , surrounded by the sea of milk or white sea , and inhabited by the Rita-vratas , Satya-vratas , Dana-vratas , and Anu-vratas) MBh. Pur. {A}) f. Terminalia Chebula L. ; m. or n. (?) N. of a place Col. 321 zAka 3 m. N. of a man g. {kujAdi}. 322 zAka 4 mfn. (fr. {zaka}) relating to the Sakas or Indoscythians ; m. n. (scil. {saMvatsara} , {abda} &c.) the Saka era (also {zAka-kAla} ; see {zakak-}) VarBr2S. Sch. (also) a general N. for any era (pl.) N. of a people (w.r. for {zaka}) Buddh.

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