satyavrata n. a vow of truthfulness Hariv. Ka1v. ; mf({A})n. devoted to a vow of truth , strictly truthful SankhSr. MBh. Hariv. &c. ; m. N. of an ancient king Pancat. of a Rajarshi BhP. of Manu Vaivasvata MW. of a son of Dhrita-rashtra MBh. of a son of Deva-datta of a son of Trayyaruna Hariv. Pur. of the author of a Dharma-sastra Cat.: of other men Katha1s. pl. N. of the Kshatriyas in Saka-dvipa BhP. of a class of supernatural beings attending on Satya-sena ib. {-tIrtha} m. N. of a man , Cat -parAyaNa} mfn. devoted to truth and religious observances MW. {-smRti} f. N. of wk

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