Saint Michael Places

Michael Saint Michael Archangel Michael Pre-Christian, Michael was linked with the 3 main seasons and 3 key dates: 8 May, 29 September, 8 November. Archangel Michael became linked with a direction and one of the 4 royal stars. As Michael evolved to Saint Michael his name became inclreasingly linked with 2 key seasons and 2 key dates with a deep significance because they reflected the agricultural and cosmic cycles while offerring a solution that went beyond simple death and rebirth. Saint Michael, along with Saint George and Saint Nicholas, becomes one of three Catholic saints linked with this process: i.e. as ssaints they are inked with key moments in the cycles of nature and agriculrure:
Spring/Summer - Winter
8 May - 8 November
Rebirth Triumph over Danger of Death
In Egypt Saint Michael was also linked with key dates in the Nile: 12 June 12 November Flooding Retreat of flooding Saint Michael becomes linked with highest points (mountains, mounts) and with most key aspects of civilian architecture:
What - Where
Mountain (Mont, Monte, Mount)
Village (Borgo)
City (Citta)
Street (Via, Boulevard)
Bridge (Pont, Ponte)
Castle (Castello, Castel, Palace)
Square (Piazza, Piazzale, Place)
Church (Pieve, Chiesa, Basilica, Cathedral)

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