6 Perfections

The six paramita (haramitta) generosity [or charity] self-discipline {Ethics, Morality} patience [or forbearance] effort [or energy] meditation [or concentration/mindfulness/insight] wisdom. http://www.fraughtwithperil.com/blogs/rbeck/archives/000883.html Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary pAramita mfn. gone to the opposite shore ; crossed , traversed ; transcendent (as spiritual knowledge) {A}).f. (for {-ta-tA}?) coming or leading to the oppositive shore , complete attainment , perfection in (comp.) transcendental virtue (there are 6 or 10 , viz. dAnta zIla kSAnti vIrya dhyAna {prajJA} to which are sometimes added satya adhiSThAna maitra upekSA} MWB. 128 (cf. Dharmas. xvii , xviii). 8 pAramita {pAraya} &c. see under 1. {pAra}. dAnta, zIla, kSAnti, vIrya, dhyAna, prajJA Samnatabhadra His mount is an unusual elephant whose six tusks represent the Paramitas: Charity, Morality, Patience, Energy, Meditation, and Wisdom.

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