Maha Cundi

Maha Cundi (Mother of Seven Kotis (billion) of Buddhas) Cundi Bodhisattva is a being of great spiritual status. She is said to have been the manifestation of the World Honored One entering into the Samadhi of Spiritual Power of Transformation of Space and Ocean. Cundi is known also as the Cundi Guan Yin. The word Cundi means Supreme Purity. Being the mother of all the deities of the Lotus class, she is therefore known as the Buddha Mother, the Mother of Seven Kotis of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Cundi has eighteen arms and three eyes. She is all-powerful, and her Tantric epithet is the Most Victorious Vajra, or Subjugation Vajra. Cundi is attended by two dragon (naga) kings who stand guard by her lotus throne. These two dragon kings are Nanda and Upananda.

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