18 Arms

18 Arms In the case of Cundi: The eighteen arms of Cundi are said to express the eighteen merits of attaining buddhahood. These are the eighteen uncommon qualities. Her arms are the symbolic expression of these secrets, endowed with the significance of profound principles. In the Mahaprajnaparamita-sastra, these eighteen characteristics of a buddha (the avenikadharma ) distinguish a buddha from a bodhisattva. They are: 01. His perfection of body 02. His perfection of speech 03. His perfection of memory 04. His perfection of impartiality to all 05. His serenity 06. His self-sacrifice 07. His unceasing desire to salvage sentient beings 08. His unflagging zeal to salvage sentient beings 09. His unfailing thought to salvage sentient beings 10. The unceasing wisdom to salvage sentient beings 11. The powers of deliverance 12. The principle of the powers of deliverance 13. Revealing perfect wisdom in deed 14. Revealing perfect wisdom in word 15. Revealing perfect wisdom in thought 16. Perfect knowledge of the past 17. Perfect knowledge of the future 18. Perfect knowledge of the present. Cited from Website: E-Sangha

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