12 Arms

Ganesha He is shown with four arms, 12 arms, even 32 arms - and with three faces or even five faces - or sometimes as simply as a triangle of mud with a streak of vermilion at its apex, in some humble homes. Ganeshas have been fashioned out of green bananas, entirely out of peanuts, and in some cases matchsticks or discarded rubber tires. Cited from website: Ganesha At this point he sees the great god kumAra brahmaNyadeva filling the chakra. He is of red color with six heads and 12 arms, one of which is like a goat, and embraces the goddess ShaShTi who is seated on his lap. He needs to now merge his consciousness into the mUla mantra of kumAra (as percieved by learned tAntrics like lakShmaNa deshikendra) and utter it 600,000 times for best effect. Cited from Website: MAnasollAsa

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