Basket and Romulus and Remus

Rhea Silva gave birth to twins Romulus and Remus and Amulius, furious at the fact they threatened his power, ordered that Romulus and Remus be drowned in the River Tiber. But the River-God floated the babies to safety in the basket, washing it up on shore under a fig-tree beside a grotto (later called Lupercal). A she-wolf found and suckled the twins until they were rescued and brought up by the royal shepherd and his wife. Quoted from Webite: Mythology The twins were set adrift on the river in a reed basket. They floated downstream until the basket was caught in the branches of a fig tree. This was where they were found by a she-wolf who suckled them (wolves are sacred to Mars) until a shepherd found them. Cited froM Website: The Founfing of Rome

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