Basket and Gwynn

Solar diety with thirteen sons [Cethra, Hywel: Sun, Cawrdaf] who carries the banner called Dal-greine: Sun Standard and is the son of Bochra: Ocean and Cronn: Globe. Lord of the South & Gwent Is Coed: The White Under-Wood who rules Annwyn: The Great Deep (pron. ann-oo-vin). Its entrance is the Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim, Northern Ireland which he built. He is an enormous giant with lime-white skin, blue-black hair & eyes who wears a green wool cloak, grey tunic, silver hunting horn, crown of oak leaves, and carries a hawthorn stick and a bag of acorns. He divided the Land of Ireland into five parts with the Stone of Divisions. He is so big that he can place one foot on mount Cromleach, in Ulster, and the other on mount Crommal close by, and dip his hand in the river Lubar, which runs between, reviving the dead with water from his cupped hands. He can tell a person’s sickness by looking at the smoke of the house they are in. The Ambarri Celts of Bresse, France call him vindo-guyn. He is the Consort of Dubh Lacha: Black Duck, Murna: Lovely Shouldered Sea, Una: Lamb, Bréothigend: Flame Lady, and the Loch Lagan Monster at Candida Casa: The White Place. He is sometimes called Donn [Black Aspect]. He survived the flood by turning himself into a salmon: bradan, iach-eog-ehawc-ehog. He then survived a plague by turning into a stag: hydd, caru (pron. charoo), fhiadh (pron.feeaih). To escape wolves he changed into a red-eyed boar and became the Boar of Ballinoe: Lord of the Boars. His next incarnation was a croman: hawk who lived in a cave by the sea of Ulster. In the cave he dreamed green waters rushed over him and turned into an amber-gold salmon with purple fins. He became King of the Salmon of the Tides and moved through the green and purple sea and sunlit spots of amber to the end of the world. He then swam back to Ulster and ate the red hazel Nuts of Knowledge at the Well of Knowledge by the Boyne River. He was caught in the river by the druid: Finegas, placed in a basket, set to cook, and then Fionn-Denma: Knowledge acquired wisdom by sucking his thumb after he burnt it on the fish. [Other stories say he was eaten raw] He told the chef to catch the speckled Loutish Trout, baste him in vinegar, butter, parsley, scallions, wheat crumbs, and madragore; stuff him with crabmeat, almonds, cream, and poppyseed; and feed him to the Druids at midsummer. His reflection is stolen by the Fish Hag who exchanges his body with the god Hanratty’s, but thankfully her black cat and hawk help undo the spell. Cited from Website: Gwynn

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