Marsh of Reeds

Marsh of Reeds 525a. To say: The double doors of heaven are open; the double doors of b.w are open 525b. for Horus of the gods, at daybreak, 525c. that he may ascend in the Marsh of Reeds and purify himself in the Marsh of Reeds. Cited from Website: Miscellaneous Thoughts It is the road on which his father Atum goes when he journeys to the Marsh of Reeds I reach the land of the horizon, I go into the sacred underworld What does it mean? It is the Field of Reeds that generates offerings of the gods around the shrine, as for the northern gate, it is the the gate of the underworld Another version: It is the double doorway on which his father Atum journeys when he journeys to when he journeys to the eastern horizon of the sky http://www.digitalegypt.ucl.ac.uk/literature/religious/bd17.html

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