Capra = Goat = Auriga Latin : Auriga (the Charioteer) Greek : Hêniokhos (the Charioteer) Akkadian : Gamlu (the Crook) Sumerian : GÀM (the Crook) Latin : Capra (the Goat) Greek : Aix Olenios (the Goat on the Left) Cited froMW ebsite Theoi.com Romania:, The Goat Tradition Capra The “Goat” is actually a usually boisterous young person dressed up in a goat costume. The whole group dances through the streets and from door to door, often with flute music. This tradition comes from the ancient Roman people and it reminds us of the celebration of the ancient Greek gods. This custom is also called "brezaia" in Wallachia and Oltenia, because of the multicolored appearance of the goat mask. The goat jumps, jerks, turns round, and bends, clattering regularly the wooden jaws.

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