Why At a cosmic level, Why entails Necessity which has many names: Destiny, Fortune, Fate, Kismet etc At a discipline level, Why is primarily the domain of Religion, Philosophy, Myth. Traditionally Why has also been a domain of Science under its various names such as Natural Philosophy. At a human level the quest for Why? entails the three cardinal virtues of Faith, Hope and Love, which underly many religions. A key role of these virtues is to transform the closed world of necessity into an open world of free will, choice, goals, aspirations and dreams. Roget account, agency, aim, antecedent, author, basis, beginning, causation, consideration, creator, determinant, doer, element, end, explanation, foundation, genesis, ground, grounds, incitement, inducement, instigation, leaven, mainspring, matter, motivation, motive, object, occasion, origin, prime mover, principle, producer, purpose, root, source, spring, stimulation

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