Who Scientists
What Science Sciences
When History of Science
How Scientific Method
Why Philosophy of Sceince
Etymology scio, scire, scivi, scitus Scientia
Science Definition In the Middle Ages
Scientia evolved to become Scientia Naturalis which became Natural Science then Natural Sciences. Since then there has been a trend whereby theory, which was linked with the Greek suffix -ology is now linked with the suffix Science(s) Hence what were previously
Earth    Geo-logy
Air         Aero-logy
Fire      Pyro-logy
Water  Hydro-logy
are now: Earth Earth Sciences Air Atmospheric Sciences Fire Combustion Sciences Water Hydrosciences Physics Physical Sciences Life Life Sciences, Bio-Sciences Biology Biological Sciences Botany Botanical Sciences
Broader Terms
All Science
Exact Sciences in General Science and Culture in General
Science of Science
Class: Natural Sciences Branches = Sciences: Cognitive Science Computer Science Social Science
Narrower Terms Scientific .

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