01: Goals

1. Goals and Activities Lecture 1 surveys themes in the 30 lectuures. An underlying concern is to create a model that acknowledges properly the contributions of cultures around the world and at the same time throws light on what makes European culture unique. A first premise is that there are multiple goals of art. In pre-literate cultures the quest is for connecting the world of man with the worlds above and below. This is achieved through basic symbols (lectures 2-11). A next phase lies in using these symbols in ordering thoughts and environments. This leads to totems, festivals, and architecture which begins with exclusive spaces and moves increasingly towards public spaces. One of the secrets of Europe lies in exploring the potentials of pubic churches, theatres, and spaces (cf. piazza pubblico). This is the theme of Connecting 2: Physical (lectures 12-18). The rise of literacy leads to further goals such as mimesis and matching; beyond a quest to understand creation to a quest for re-creation. The rise of Print and other Media further expands the goals of representation to include mixing and exploring. It also transforms artistic production into a more complex process that includes publication in the creative life cycle. This is the theme of Connecting 3 : Sharing (lectures 19-26). The final four lectures serve as initial examples of this new approach to culture (lectures 27-30).

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