09: Microcosms

EUC NMC Lecture 09: Microcosms The human being was seen as a version in miniature of the creator who was a cosmic man (variously called Brahma, Purusha, Abba, Abatur etc). The spine of the human being corresponded to the spine of cosmic man to the world tree. Along this spine there were a number of energy points, called chakras. 7 chakras were typically linked with different sounds, zodiac signs and other symbols. Two other main arteries (nadis called Ida and Pingala) surrounded this central spine or nadi in a spiral form to create a caduceus shape. The caduceus became a symbol for the psychic world, healing and gradually medicine. Mastery of these energy levels became centraly linked with initation and the activities of the mystery religions. The quest to understand the universe thus began with a quest to understand oneself as a practical step towards mastering, in more senses than one, the macrocosmos.
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3 Streams
7 Chakras

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