Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
prAkRta mf({A} , or {I})n. (fr. %{pra-kRti}) original , natural , artless , normal , ordinary , usual SBr. &c. &c. ; low vulgar , unrefined Mn. MBh. &c. ; provincial , vernacular , Prakritic Vcar. ; (in Samkhya) belonging to or derived from Prakriti or the original element (in astron.) N. of one of the 7 divisions of the planetary courses (according to Parasara comprising the Nakshatras Svati , Bharani , Rohini and Krittika) m. a low or vulgar man (with or scil. {laya} , {pralaya} &c.) resolution or reabsorption into Prakriti , the dissolution of the universe n. any provincial or vernacular dialect cognate with Sanskrit (esp. the language spoken by women and inferior characters in the plays , but also occurring in other kinds of literature and usually divided into 4 dialects , viz. Sauraseni , Maharastri , Apabhransa and Paisaci) 1., Kav. Kathas. Kavyad. &c.

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