puNDarIka n. ( {puN} [?] ; cf. Un. iv , 20 Sch.) a lotus-flower (esp. a white lotus ifc. expressive of beauty cf. g. %vyAghrAdi}) RV. &c.&c. (it is sacred to Sikhin , one of the Buddhas MWB. 515) a white umbrella a kind of drug (m. or n. ?) a mark on the forehead Satr. N. of a Tirtha m. a kind of sacrifice a species of rice Susr. a kind of fragrant mango Artemisia Indica a variety of the sugar-cane a tiger a kind of bird a kind of serpent a kind of leprosy fever in an elephant white (the colour) N. of a Naga MBh. of the elephant of the south-east quarter Ragh. of an ancient king MBh. of a son of Nabha or Nabhas Hariv. of a Brahman renowned for filial piety , and afterwards worshipped as the god Vithobl RTL. 263 (with Jainas) of a Gana-dhara Satr. of a hermit (son of Sveta-ketu and Lakshmi) Kad. of a poet Cat. of a mountain Satr. {A}) f. N. of an Apsaras MBh. of a daughter of Vasishtha (wife of Prana or Pandu) VP. of a river in Kraunca-dvipa ib.

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