kamala kamala mfn. pale-red , rose-coloured {kamala}) AV. viii , 6 , 9 (desirous , lustful BRD.) m. a species of deer the Indian crane (Ardea Sibirica) N. of Brahma of a pupil of Vaisampayana of an Asura (in mus.) a particular Dhruvaka (q.v.) {as} , {am}) m. n. a lotus , lotusflower , Nelumbium {A}) f. N. of Lakshmi wealth , prosperity N. of Dakshyayani of one of the mothers in the retinue of Skanda of the wife of Jayapida an excellent woman an orange {I} , {am}) fn.N. of a metre (four times three short syllables) {am}) n. a particular constellation VarBr. water copper the bladder a medicament , drug N. of a town built by Kamala a particular number Buddh. 2 kamala see col. 1. 3 kAmala mfn. libidinous , lustful L. ; m. the spring L. ; dry and sterile soil , desert L. ; ({as} , {A}) mf. a form of jaundice Sus3r. Hcat. excessive secretion or obstruction of bile W. {A}) f. N. of an Apsaras I}) f. N. of a daughter of Renu (also called Renuka) Hariv. 1453.

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