gRha m. an assistant , servant (m. sg. and pl. , in later language m. pl. and n. sg.) a house , habitation , home RV. ({mRn-mayag-} , house of earth , grave , adharAdg-} , the lower world (ifc. f. {A} {I} Pan5cat. ifc. with names of gods a temple (cf. {caNDikA-} , {devatA-}) , of plants, a bower m. pl. a house as containing several rooms the inhabitants of a house , family a wife m. a householder a wife P a sign of the zodiac an astrological mansion N. of the 4th astrological mansion a square (in chess or in any similar game) a name , appellation L. (cf. {anti-} , {bhumi-} , {zayyA-} , {su}) (cf. Zd. {geredha} ; Got. {gards} ; Lat. {hortus}.)

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