Sam Regarding Sam it says, that he became immortal, but owing to his disregard of the Mazdayasnian religion, a Turk whom they call Nihaj wounded him with an arrow, when he was asleep there, in the plain of Peshyansai; and it had brought upon him the unnatural lethargy (Bushasp) which overcame him in the midst of the heat. 8. And the glory (far) of heaven stands over him for the purpose that, when Azi Dahak [Zohak] becomes unfettered (arazhak), he may arise and slay him; and a myriad guardian spirits of the righteous are as a protection to him. 9. Of Dahak [Zohak], whom they call Bevarasp, this, too, it says, that Faridoon when he captured Dahak [Zohak] was not able to kill him, and afterwards confined him in Mount Damawand; when he becomes unfettered, Sam arises, and smites and slays him. Cited from Website Bundahishn

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