Apt Apt (Kheb, or Ta-Urt), the Great Mother, in a four-fold figure. as the bringer forth of the four fundamental elements of earth, water, air, and heat. As representative of the earth she is a hippopotamus. as representative of water she is a crocodile and as the representative of breathing force she is a lioness, the human mother being imaged by the pendent breasts and procreant womb. Thus the mother of life is depicted as bringer forth of the elements of life. or at least four of these, as the elemental forces or “souls” of earth, water, fire, and air which four are imaged in her compound corpulent figure, and were set forth as four of her seven children. Apt was also the mother of [Page124] sparks, or of souls as sparks of starry fire. Cited from Website: Ancient Egypt Earth, Water, Air, Heat Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Lioness

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