Sut = Darkness As one of the 7 sparks of life Sut was the beneficent power of darkness As one of the 7 heroes Sut Osiris Darkness Light Sut: the author of astronomy Later Sut became vilified. The Black One was the son of Typhon The first form of the Devil was female, called the Dragon of Darkness, who was Tiamat in Akkad, and Typhon in Egypt. Typhon gave birth to Sut, who became the Egyptian devil--our Satan--and who was represented by the Black jackal, the voice of Darkness; and Sut, the black one, gives us the name of Soot, the black thing. Angro-Mainyus, the Persian devil, was the black one of the two powers of Light and Darkness. http://www.theosophical.ca/DevilDarkness.htm Sut means "The Opener", and this may be taken in the physiological as well as the astrological sense. The Child was the opener in the sense of being born of the un-mated Mother. The Sun is the Opener of the Day, while Sut as the Star-god was considered the Opener of the Year with the rising of Sothis, and on his rising was the Great Bear cycle founded. The earliest conception of the great Mother was under the form of the Hippopotamus, the Devourer of the Waters. This led to that of the Water-Dragon, Typhon http://altreligion.about.com/library/texts/bl_egyptianrevival1.htm

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