7 Sparks of Life

7 Sparks of Life Apt Power of Darkness Sut Star Water Sebek-Horus Wind, Air Shu Womb Child-Horus Soul of Life in Dark Khabsu Water Fish, Sebek, Ichthus Apt was also the mother of [Page124] sparks, or of souls as sparks of starry fire. She was the kindler of life from the spark that was represented by the star. This, we reckon, is the soul of Sut, her first-born, as the beneficent power of darkness. The power of water was imaged by Sebek-Horus as the crocodile. The power of wind or air, in one character, was that of the lion-god Shu ; and the power of the womb is the Child-Horus, as the fecundator of his mother. These, with some slight variation, are four of the seven powers of the elements identified with the mother as the bringer forth of gods and men, whom we nowadays call Mother Nature. Six of the total seven were represented by zootypes, and Horus was personalized in the form of a child. Evidence for a soul of life in the dark was furnished by the star. Hence the soul and star are synonymous under the name of Khabsu in Egyptian. This was an elemental power of darkness divinized in Sut, the author of astronomy. Evidence for a soul of life in the water was furnished by the fish that was eaten for food. This elemental power was divinized in the fish-god Sebek and in Ichthus, the mystical fish. Evidence for a soul of life in the earth was also furnished in food and in periodic renewal. The elemental power was divinized in Seb, the father of food derived from the ground, the plants, and the goose. Evidence for a soul of life in the sun, represented by the uraeus-serpent, was furnished by the vivifying solar heat, the elemental power of which was divinized Apt, the First Great in Ra Evidence for a soul of life in blood was Mother furnished by the incarnation, the elemental power of which was divinized in elder Horus, the eternal child. Six of these seven powers, we repeat, were represented by zootypes; the seventh was given the human image of the child, and later of Atum the man. Thus the earliest gods of Egypt were developed from the elements, and were not derived from the expanded ghosts of dead men Otherwise stated, the ancestral spirits were not primary. Cited from Website: Ancient Egypt

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