kUTa n. the bone of the forehead with its projections or prominences , horn a kind of vessel or implement {am}) m. n. any prominence or projection (e.g. {aMsa-k-} , {akSi-k-} , qq. vv.) summit , peak or summit of a mountain MBh. &c. ; summit , head i.e. the highest , most excellent , first a heap , multitude (e.g. {abhra-k-} a multitude of clouds) part of a plough , ploughshare , body of a plough an iron mallet a trap for catching deer , concealed weapon (as a dagger in a wooden case , sword-stick {as} L. ; {am}) m. n. illusion , fraud , trick , untruth , falsehood a puzzling question , enigma m. a kind of hall (= {maNDapa}) N. of a particular constellation VarBr2. xii , 8 and 16 ; a subdivision of Graha-yuddha Suryas. a mystical N. of the letter {kSa} RamatUp. N. of Agastya (cf. {kuTaja}) of an enemy of Vishnu {as} , {am}) m. n. uniform substance (as the etherial element , &c.) a water-jar a kind of plant {as} , {I}) mf. a house , dwelling (cf. {kuTa} and {kuTI}) {kUta}) mf(%{A4})n. not horned or cornuted (as an animal with incomplete continuations of the bone of the forehead) false , untrue , deceitful base (as coins) m. an ox whose horns are broken {am}) n. counterfeited objects (of a merchant)

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