Cologne Snaksrit Dictionary: mwd) lohita 1 mf({A} or {lohinI})n. (cf. {rohita}) red , red-coloured , reddish made of copper , copper , metal m. red (the colour) , redness a partic. disease of the eyelids a kind of precious stone a species of rice a sort of bean or lentil Dioscorea Purpurea Cyprinus Rohita a sort of deer a snake , serpent the planet Mars N. of a serpent-demon of a man (pl. his descendants) of a country of a river (the Brahma-putra) of a sea of a lake (pl.) of a class of gods under the 12th Manu {A}) f. N. of one of the 7 tongues of Agni Grihyas. Mimosa Pudica a Punar-nava with red flowers {lohinI}) f. a woman with a red-coloured skin or red with anger n. any red substance also m. g. {ardharcAdi} ; ifc. f. {A}) , blood {-taM} {kR} , to shed blood) ruby red sanders a kind of sandal-wood a kind of Agallochum an imperfect form of rainbow a battle , fight

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