gAndhAra Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary mfn. fr. {gandh-} g. {kacchAdi} and {sindhv-Adi} ; ({gAndh-}) a prince of the Gandharis {-kanyA}) ; N. of a prince (from whom the Gandharas derive their origin) the third of the 7 primary notes of music (also personified as a son of Raga Bhairava) minium or red lead m. pl.N. of a people and of their country (north-east of Peshawar and giving its N. to Kandahar Panini is said to have been a Gandhara ; cf. {gandh-} , {gandhAri} , {gAndhAri}) n. gum myrrh L. ; (= {gaJjAkinI}) the points of hemp {I}) f. a princess of the Gandharis (esp. the wife of Dhrita-rash2ra) N. of a Vidya-devi (fulfilling the commands of the twenty-first Arhat of the present Avasarpini Jain.) (in music) N. of a Ragini Alhagi Maurorum a particular vein in the left eye Goraksh. a kind of fly Gal.

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