SaDja m. six-born N. of the first or (accord. to some) of the fourth of the 7 Svaras or primary notes of music (so called because it is supposed to be produced by six organs , viz. tongue , teeth , palate , nose , throat , and chest ; the other six Svaras are Rishabha , Gandhara , Madhyama , Pancama , Dhaivata , and Nishada , of which Nishada and Gandhhara are referred to the Udatta , Rishabha and Dhaivata to the An-udatta , while Shad-ja and the other two are referred to the Svarita accent ; the sound of the Shad-ja is said to resemble the note of peacocks) MBh. Ragh. VarBr2S. &c. N. of the 16th Kalpa or day of Brahma1 Cat. ; {-grAma} m. (in music) a partic. scale Samgit. {madhyA} f. a partic. Murchana ib. {--jAmarezvara} m. N. of wk.

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