5 Notes (paJcama)

paJcama Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: mf({I})n. the fifth forming the 5th part (with or sc. {aMza} = 1/5) = {rucira} or {dakSa} m. (in music) the 5th (later 7th) note of the gamut (supposed to be produced by the air drawn from 5 parts of the body) {-rAga} Gi1t. the 21st Kalpa (called after the musical note) the 5th consonant of a Varga (i.e. the nasal) {I}) f. see below n. the fifth part , 1/5 (cf. above and Pan2. 5-3 , 49) copulation (as the 5th of the Tattvas of the Tantrikas {paJca-tattva}) ; ({am}) ind. for the fifth time , fifthly

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