Cultivate The Latin noun, culture comes from the verb colo, colere: to cultivate. In Sanskrit cultivation of the soil also has deeper meanings. Fertile is taken to mean both Fertile Soil and Fertile Womb. Images of the Plough and Ploughing apply not only to the soil but also to the womb. Hence Sita who is linked with agriculture and especially with fruit is called Furrow and is said to have sprung from a furrow of a plough. Seeds laid in the earth were seen as having Conceived (cf. dhAnA) when they sprouted. At a more spiritual level, Soil is also linked with Merit. So Soil of Merit becomes s description of a Buddha. The Body is seen as a field of the indwelling soil. Here one of the key terms is Ksetra. It is the basis of Kuruksetra, the name of the epic Battle of the Mahabharata. The literary, historical and political dimensions of this battle have been much discussed. Awareness of these metaphors helps us see a deeper meaning. It is a ultimately a spiritual battle for the soul. The quest to reach these goals requres the application of efforts such as: Rein Bridle Restrain Subdue. To achieve this requires a guide most obviously in the form of a Guru, Teacher or Preceptor but also more figuratively in the form of a Charioteer Boatman Pilot. Once we understand this inagery we understand how and why terms such as Sadhya can simultaneously mean: Cultivated Accomplished Fulfilled Perfected Subdued or why Nirvana is linked with Extinguished.