Translations entail carrying over a word or the sense of a text from one language to another. In SUMS, Translations of single words are part of Left Margin Choices at the Intermediate and Advanced Levels. Intermediate Level At the Intermediate Level only translations available within the Knowledge Packages are shown. If there are no translations available the term Translations is not highlighted. If translations exist Translations is highlighted. For instance, the term Social Sciences has translations in some European Languages. When we go to the word Social Sciences in SUMS, the word Translations is higlighted. Clicking on Translations presents us with a list. Translations English Social Sciences Dutch Sociale wetenschappen French Sciences Sociales German Sozialwissenschaften Italian Scienze Sociali Spanish Ciencias Sociales When Transliterations are entiled these too will be listed, e.g.: Chinese Transliateration: Shen The reason for not displaying this information diretly as Wiki does (cf the word Qi in Web-site) is again Cognitive Ergonomics, the need to avoid information overload. Some users will want simply to search generally. Researchers will find this feature vital because although the terms may be translated almost literally, their meaning and the the contents they reflect varies tremendously in different langauges. Advanced Level At the Advanced Level searches in external sources beginning with Wiki. Subject catalogues such as the Library of Congress inlcude Translations in their headings, e.g.: Religion Translations Bibliography Catalogs

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