7 Principles

7 Principles
A 5 + 2
5 Elements + Mind (2) Akasha, Vayu, Tejas, Apas, Prithv Buddhi, Manas
B3 + 4 Superior Triad        Atma Buddhi Manas
Lower Tetrad                      Kama Rupa The Passions
                                              Linga Sarira Astral Body
                                              Prana Life Essence
                                              Shtula Sarria The Lower Body
The Seven Principles constituting man are variously named by the Esoteric Buddhism, by the Vedantic scheme, and by other philosophies, but they correspond in idea. First from above come
Atma, a ray from the Absolute;
Buddhi, spiritual soul; and
Manas, human soul;
these are the superior triad, which separates at human death from the lower tetrad of principles. The lower four are Kama Rupa, the passions; Linga Sarira, the astral body; Prana, life essence; and Sthula Sarira, the lower body; see the dogmas of Esoteric Buddhism. http://supertarot.co.uk/westcott/chap11.htm

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