Who Linguists What Linguistics Etymology Glossa Lingua Translations Latin Linguistica English Linguistics French Linguistique German Linguistik Broader Term Trivium Social Sciences Class: Language Class: Lingusitics Narrower Terms Library of Congress: Linguistics Scope Note:Note: Here are entered works dealing with the scientific study of human speech, including phonetics, phonemics, morphology, and syntax. Works dealing with language in general, the origin and history of language and surveys of languages, are entered under the heading Language and languages. Linguistics: Branches Theoretical linguistics Phonetics Phonology Morphology Syntax Lexis Semantics Lexical semantics Statistical semantics Structural semantics Prototype semantics Pragmatics Applied linguistics Language acquisition Psycholinguistics Sociolinguistics Linguistic anthropology Generative linguistics Cognitive linguistics Computational linguistics Descriptive linguistics Historical linguistics Comparative linguistics Etymology Stylistics Prescription Corpus linguistics History of linguistics List of linguists Unsolved problems How Variety (linguistics)

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