San Francesco, Montefalco

San Francesco, Montefalco Benozzo Gozzoli Life of Saint Francis the following: Scene 1 1) Birth of St Francis 2) Prophecy of the Birth by a Pilgrim 3) Homage of the Simple Man Scene 2 4) St Francis Giving away his Clothes 5) Vision of the Church Militant and Triumphant Scene 3 6) Renunciation of Worldly Goods 7) The Bishop of Assisi Dresses St Francis Scene 4 8) Vison of St Dominic 9) Meeting of St Francis and St Dominic Scene 5 10) Dream of Innocent III 11) The Confirmation of the Rule Scene 6 12) The Expulsion of the Devils from Arezzo Scene 7 13) Preaching to the Birds 14) Blessing Montefalco Scene 8 15) Death of the Knight of Celano Scene 9 16) Establishment of the Manger at Greccio Scene 10 17) Trial by Fire before the Sultan Scene 11 18) Stigmatisation of St Francis Scene 12 19) Death of St Francis

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