Greek Heroic Legends (II) Heroes

The Greek Heroic Legends (II) story of) Achilles 95A(ACONTIUS & CYDIPPE) (story of) Acontius and Cydippe 95A(ADMETUS) (story of) Admetus 95A(AEACUS) (story of) Aeacus 95A(AEGEUS) (story of) Aegeus 95A(AGAMEMNON) Agamemnon 95A(AJAX THE GREAT) Ajax the Great 95A(ALCON) (story of) Alcon, the archer 95A(AMPHINOMUS & ANAPIAS) (story of) Amphinomus and Anapias 95A(AMPHION & ZETHUS) (story of) Amphion and Zethus 95A(AMPHITRYON) (story of) Amphitryon 95A(ANCHISES) (story of) Anchises 95A(ANTENOR) (story of) Antenor 95A(ARISTAEUS) (story of) Aristaeus 95A(ATHAMAS) (story of) Athamas 95A(ATREUS) (story of) Atreus 95A(CADMUS) (story of) Cadmus 95A(CALCHAS) (story of) Calchas, the seer 95A(CECROPS) Cecrops: half man - half serpent, first king of Attica 95A(CEPHALUS) (story of) Cephalus 95A(CINYRAS) (story of) Cinyras, king of Cyprus 95A(CLEOBIS & BITON) (story of) Cleobis and Biton 95A(CODRUS) (story of) Codrus, king of Athens 95A(CORESUS) (story of) Coresus, priest of Bacchus 95A(DAEDALUS) (story of) Daedalus 95A(DIOMEDES) Diomedes 95A(ERICHTHONIUS) (story of) Erichthonius (Erechtheus) 95A(ERYSICHTHON) (story of) Erysichthon 95A(GERYON) the monster Geryon 95A(GLAUCUS) (story of) Glaucus, the fisherman, who was made a sea-god 95A(GLAUCUS, SON OF MINOS) (story of) Glaucus, son of Minos 95A(GORDIUS) (story of) Gordius, king of Phrygia 95A(HECTOR) Hector 95A(HERMOCHARES & CTESYLLA) (story of) Hermochares and Ctesylla 95A(HIPPOLYTUS) (story of) Hippolytus 95A(ICARIUS) (story of) Icarius (Icarus), the wine-grower 95A(ICARUS) (story of) Icarus, son of Daedalus 95A(ION) (story of) Ion 95A(IPHIS) (story of) Iphis, lover of Anaxarete 95A(JASON) (story of) Jason 95A(LAIUS) (story of) Laius, father of Oedipus 95A(LAOMEDON) (story of) Laomedon 95A(LEUCIPPUS) (story of) Leucippus 95A(LYCURGUS) (story of) Lycurgus, king of the Thracian Edones 95A(MELAMPUS) (story of) Melampus, the seer 95A(MEMNON) (story of) Memnon, son of Aurora 95A(MENELAUS) (story of) Menelaus 95A(MIDAS) (story of) Midas 95A(MINOS) (story of) Minos, king of Crete 95A(MINOTAUR) (story of) the Minotaur 95A(MOPSUS) the seer Mopsus 95A(MYSCELUS) (story of) Myscelus 95A(NARCISSUS) (story of) Narcissus 95A(NEOPTOLEMUS) (story of) Neoptolemus, son of Achilles 95A(NESTOR) Nestor 95A(ORESTES) (story of) Orestes 95A(PANDAREUS) (story of) Pandareus 95A(PARIS) (story of) Paris (Alexander) 95A(PELEUS) (story of) Peleus and Acastus 95A(PELIAS & NELEUS) (story of) Pelias and Neleus 95A(PELOPS) (story of) Pelops 95A(PENTHEUS) (story of) Pentheus 95A(PHAON) (story of) Phaon, the ferry-man 95A(PHILEMON & BAUCIS) (story of) Philemon and Baucis 95A(PHINEUS) (story of) Phineus 95A(PHOENIX) (story of) Phoenix 95A(PHRASIUS) (story of) Phrasius (Thrasius) 95A(PHRIXUS) (story of) Phrixus 95A(PIRITHOUS) (story of) Pirithous 95A(POLYIDUS) Polyidus 95A(PRIAM) (story of) Priam 95A(PYGMALION) (story of) Pygmalion 95A(PYRAMUS & THISBE) (story of) Pyramus and Thisbe 95A(SALMONEUS) (story of) Salmoneus 95A(SISYPHUS) (story of) Sisyphus 95A(TANTALUS) (story of) Tantalus 95A(TELEMACHUS) (story of) Telemachus 95A(TELEPHUS) (story of) Telephus 95A(TEUCER) Teucer 95A(TIRESIAS) (story of) Tiresias 95A(TROILUS) (story of) Troilus 95A(TROPHONIUS) (story of) Trophonius 95A(ULYSSES) (story of) Ulysses

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