Invention of Letters

Invention of Letters
According to Wiki:
The invention of letters was preceded by the West Semitic script, which appeared in Canaan around 1000 BC. Antecedents are suspected in the Proto-Canaanite writing, dated to around 1800 BC. Virtually all alphabets have their ultimate origins from this system. The Greek alphabet, invented around 800 BC, was the first true alphabet, assigning letters not only to consonants, but also to vowels.
Invention of Letters according to Barddas:
Menw                                                     3 Primary Letters
Einigan                                               11 Primary Letters
Einigan the giant,                             16 Primary Letters     Beli Mawr,  Edric
Rhuvawn the Golden tongued       18 Primary Letters     Alawn 
Talhaiarn of Caerleon-upon-Usk  24 Primary Letters     Arthavael
Idnerth the Artist                                38 Primary Letters

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