Measurement Measurement Scope Note:Search also individual measures, e.g. Stadium (Unit of measurement); and subdivision Measurement under scientific and technical topics, e.g. Altitudes--Measurement; Ships--Measurement Note: Here are entered works on the general process of measuring. Works on the science of measurement or of weights and measures are entered under Metrology. Works on the use of laboratory instruments to measure physical quantities and phenomena are entered under Physical measurements. Gauges Sensors Devices Instruments Measurement, Units of Measurements, Aerodynamic Measurements, Dielectric Measurements, Electric Measurements, Electromagnetic Measurements, Electronic Measurements, Fluid dynamic Measurements, High pressure Measurements, Magnetic Measurements, Physical Measurements, Type Scale: Measurement Electro-Magnetic Measurements Aerodynamic Measurements Area Measurement Audience Measurement Dielectric Measurements Dryness Measurement Device Electric Measurements Electronic Measurements Energy Measurement Fluid Dynamic Measurements High Pressure Measurements Information Measurement μέτρων = metron = measurement Length Measurement Linear Measurement Mass Measurement Mathematical Measurement Mathematical Models and Measurement Measurement Measurement Standards Measurement Systems Measurement Tools Measurement Types Measurement Units Measurement--Bibliography Measurement--Dictionaries Measurement--Encyclopedias Measurement--Terminology Measurements Microwave Measurements Motion Measurement Physical Measurements Radio Measurements Statistical Measurement Time Measurement Type Measurements Volume Measurement Weight Measurement Work Measurement