Bliss Classification

Bliss Classification Class Subject 1. Introduction & Auxiliary schedules. 1977 2/9 Generalia, Phenomena, Knowledge, Information science & technology A/AL Philosophy & Logic. 1991 AM/AX Mathematics, Probability, Statistics. 1993 AY-B General science, Physics. 1999 C Chemistry, Chemical Engineering. 2003 D Space & Earth sciences Astronomy Geology Geography E/GQ Biological sciences E Biology Biochemistry Genetics Virology F Botany G Zoology GR Agriculture GU Veterinary science GY Applied Ecology, Human environment H Physical Anthropology, Human biology, Health sciences. 1980 [Subject guide] I Psychology & Psychiatry. 1978 J Education. Rev. ed. 1990 K Society (includes Social sciences, sociology & social anthropology). 1984 L/O History, (includes Archaeology, biography and travel) P Religion, Occult, Morals and ethics. 1977 Q Social welfare & Criminology. Rev. ed. 1994 R Politics & Public administration. 1996 S Law. 1996 T Economics & Management of economic enterprises. 1987 U/V Technology, Engineering. W Recreation, Arts, Music X/Y Language, Literature http://www.sid.cam.ac.uk/bca/bcoutline.htm

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