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22 Letters
Many alphabets of the Near East (including Babylon) had 22 letters. See: 22 Letters in Alphabet
The most familiar arrangement of these letters is the Hebrew combination of:
Another important configuration entails:
A                 - L
Ox              – Ox Goad   
An earlier configuration entails a series of combinations of 4 letters and 3 letters::
abjad,      hawwaz,  h.ut.t.i,      kalaman, sa`fas,      qarashat

This configuration is striking because it goes back to the earliest known Western languages (i.e. to c. 2000 B.C.:  Babylonian, Ugarit, Samaritan, Aramaic, Phoenician, Hebrew) and includes 6 of the 8 divisions of Arabic. Hence the 22 letter sequence which Hebrew and the Bible made famous applies much more generally to Near Eastern languages.  The Arabic language as it emerged with the Koran in the 7th century was a continuation of language patterns that went back at least 2.5 millennia earlier.  
A fourth configuration entails:
10 Letters - 12 Letters
Julie Wei has drawn attention to parallels with the Chinese tradition of
10 Heavenly Stems - 12 Earthly Brances

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