Questions and Library Headings

The basic Questions in SUMS use a number of options from library systems such as the GBV in order to permit a series of questions at once: e.g. author with a given title in a given city at a given date/dates. Other advanced options are addressed via Levels of Choices. Who Persons Organzations person/author [PER] corporation (string) [COS] corporation (keywords [COR] What? Class Subjects Titles all words [ALL] = default for What? classification code [BCL] all topics [TPC] subject headng [SUH] title (keywords) [TIT] Where publishing place (keywords) [PUB] When sort by year of publication How Why GBV Headings: all words [ALL] title (keywords) [TIT] all topics [TPC] subject headng [SUH] table of contents [TOC] = inhaltsverzeichnisse [TXT] periodical (string) [PES] series, periodical (keywords0 [SER] person/author [PER] ISBN (books) [ISB] ISSN (periodicals) [ISS] any number [NUM] corporation (string) [COS] corporation (keywords [COR] conference (string)[CNS] conference(keywords) [CON] publisher, publishing place (keywords) [PUB] URL (string) [URL] URN (keyword) [URN] URL, URN (keyword) [URK] classification code [BCL] Pica prod. no. [PPN] Library of Congress Keyword (match all words)* Title Keyword* Author/Creator Keyword Subject Keyword Name/Title Keyword Series/Uniform Title Keyword ------------------------------------------------------- Expert Search (use index codes and operators)* Title Begins With (omit initial article)* Author/Creator Browse (enter last name first) Subject Browse Call Number Browse (LC Classification No.) Call Number Browse (Other Shelving Nos.) Number Search (LCCN-ISBN-ISSN)* Author/Creator Sorted by Title Browse

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