Sound Sound is classified as follows: Sphota, Nada, Anahata, and Ahata. http://www.bhagavadgitausa.com/SOUND.htm In India, Sound is linked with Creation through: Higher World 4 Vibration, Speech In this strand, sound is linked with a Goddess of Speech (Sarasvati, Bharati, Ila and Vac). In Greece, and in the Bible sound is also linked with creation through: Logos. In India, there are other traditions: a) that links Brahma as Sabda Brahma with Sound. b) that links Kasyapa with both Sound and Light c) that distinguishes between Speech and Sound and becomes Sound vs. Speech: Saturn Jupiter Capricorn Sagittarius Sound Speech Flute Shiva: Lord of Speech Drum d) that claims that: Energy Matter Shakti Shiva lead to Sound Light Ganesha Skanda In the West, the study of Sound has evolved in two parallel lines: 1) sound as it affects human beings: a) Phono- (e.g.. Phonology) b) Music > Musicology c) Harmony, Harmonics 2) sound independent of human hearing: Acoustics cf. Audio- Vibratory Force aN Vishnu Nakshatra 22 (or 20, or 23 depending on system) Hearing Saturn Lame

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